The Catalyst Coaching program far exceeded my expectations.  This was a transformative session for me.  Jean and Dianne are dynamic coaches that motivated me to get serious about goal planning and winning in life.  This program was very interactive and informative.  I would highly recommend this program and these coaches.  S. Blue

Diane and Jean’s approach to goal setting is definitely BADASS. They offer a refreshing perspective on identifying and attaining goals. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is ready to become the person they want to be and do the things they’ve always desired. S. Gomez

The Defeated to Badass workshop was an eye-opening experience in a brief 2 hour time frame.  Launching in with the Level 10 Life Lesson set the program up to be comprehensive and to go deep.  This was not a “let’s just touch the surface” kind of workshop.  While in 2 hours not all my goals were detailed out and I got to recognize where the planning needed to be, where the fun was missing, and where the next steps were waiting.  Thank you, Jean and Dianne for taking me on this journey.  L. Patten

Jean and Dianne are masters at teasing out powerful goals and habits to make you unstoppable! S.Treadgold

Though I am a person who is no stranger to setting and following-through with goals on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis, I still gained extremely valuable insight from the “Defeated to Badass Workshop.” Specifically, I learned how to select the best goals to get the most bang for my buck, so to speak, and also how to set up a process for breaking each goal down into actionable steps–something I’ve never really done WITH CLEAR INTENTION before. I also discovered how to take a deep dive into my desires around who and what I want to be and accomplish. Some things came up that gave me clarity on where to put my focus. Overall, a useful and invigorating way to spend two hours!  S. Justice


I can’t thank you enough for the PDM Bootcamp training that you developed!  The camp and workbook were well thought out and helped me get a firm grasp on what I needed to know before I engaged with my customers.  The exercises and roleplays were just like the interactions that I had with my providers.  Your camp effectively prepared me and my colleagues for success.  Thank you for your instruction and guidance!

Woody L., Sales Executive

The webinar was amazing! Jean relayed a lot of real-life examples and lessons that I really think our audience can walk away with. Although it was tailored for the financial services, a lot of points she touched on were great sales techniques. The providers in our industry aren’t always the best salesmen, (they just aren’t comfortable) and I think Jean did a really good job of making finance fun and easy.

American Med Spa Association Team